Live Cricket Betting

We often get new visitors that find our site but don’t have the slightest idea of live cricket betting. We always try our best to give the users valuable information about betting so that they can gamble safely and smartly. Here we have elaborated all the terms one needs to acknowledge the best understanding of what we do on this site. Check every detail before you bet on sites that offer live cricket betting features.

In-play Betting Definition

In-play or live betting describes betting on an event after the game starts. For example, when a cricket game begins, you predict events that can occur (Wicket, Boundaries, etc.) and bet on those events. If your predictions come true, you win the amount you have put on a bet. On the contrary, you lose the amount. It’s as simple as that. It is the most entertaining type of bet since the anticipations are high.

How Does It Work?

Before you get the full concept of in-play cricket betting, you need to understand ‘odds.’ Odds are a term that describes the possible events that can happen in a cricket match (boundaries, wicket, etc.). When you play in an online betting game, you put your money on an odd that you think will come true. If the odds go in your favour, you win the money.

For example, there is an odd that states that one wicket will fall in the current over. You know about the bowler, and you think it might happen. Or you’re just altogether leaving it on your luck. If the wicket does fall, you win the bet and the money. Now, do the odds remain the same for the entire game? No. A computer algorithm constantly changes the odds depending on a match’s condition. When we’re talking about cricket, every over matters and small events can change the entire game. You will find high-quality odds in sites like 1xBet, Betway, Bet365, etc.

How Do I Place My Bet?

After you have completed the registration on a site, you can easily bet on your favourite team by making a deposit. It doesn’t take a long time, and many sites accept various payment methods so that their users can get the best experience. After you finish the process, you can bet on any game and odds you want.

After winning, you will get your prize money directly to your account on a site. You can withdraw the money whenever you want since betting platforms provide different methods of withdrawal. You can read their terms and conditions or contact their customer support team for more information.

Live Cricket Betting Strategy

 How do pro gamblers win? How can I earn money? How will I become a millionaire from a betting site? We get these questions a lot from newbies, and we’re guessing you have the same questions for us if you’re new to in-play cricket betting in India. So, now we’ll let you in for some secrets –the strategies of professionals.

Slow Down

A lot of virgin gamblers come with a dream of winning millions on sites like Bet365 or 1xBet that are very popular in India. While there are chances of it happening, some people bet too many times. And when they lose a lot of money, they lose interest in gambling. That’s why you need to slow down at first.

When you are new to a betting site, bet only a few times at first. Find out which bets are giving you money and which are taking away the money. Understand the sportsbook clearly. After some time, we can guarantee that you will be ready to bid like a pro. But first, you need to take it slow and spend as little money as possible.

Do Your Research

Imagine you are watching an IPL match between KKR and DD, and you want to bet on one of these teams. But there is one problem, you don’t know much about the teams. You might have previously watched tons of their matches but don’t have in-depth knowledge about these teams’ players.

Now, what do we mean about in-depth knowledge? By that, we’re referring to the strategy of a team and the players’ information. You need to know how many pacers and spinners are on the bowling side and need to understand all the statistics of a bowler and their previous records.

For a batsman, you need to keep a close eye on their previous matches and their overall statistics, including strike rate and the number of half-centuries, centuries, etc. A clear understanding of a player keeps you on the high ground and gives you confidence while betting.

Of course, you can bet without knowing anything, but it will hardly go to your favour. Keep yourself engaged in sports. If you are a cricket lover like us, you won’t find it to be a tough job. Because we love our teams, we keep track of every single detail of them.

Inspect Every Bit of a Match

Keep your pupils focused on every microsecond of a match. Yes, we mean it — every delivery matters in a cricket match. And as the game progresses, betting sites will continuously update their sportsbook to give you top-tier predictions for winning. All you have to do is keep track of every activity happening in a match. After you start betting on cricket, you have to take it way more seriously.

Don’t Lose Hope

You have done your research, and you are sure about the odd you’re bidding on. But unfortunately, it wasn’t in your favour. Situations like this happen because cricket is very unpredictable, and even if you’re highly knowledgeable, sometimes luck doesn’t come to your side.

Does this mean that you should stop? It solely depends on you. Betting sites are providing chances where you have tremendous opportunities for winning with the right technique, and there will always be some events where you lose one or two bids. That doesn’t mean you should quit.

Again, Slow Down

If your past few bets are bringing disappointing results, slow down a bit. Sometimes gambling can have a psychological effect on your brain, and you might need to have a break. You might be a professional, and every day, you’re taking hundreds of thousands of rupees in your pocket, but one day will eventually come when you might have to face a few disappointing results. In such a case, take a break.

We hope our manual and tips gave you a slight idea of how a live cricket betting works. Again, you can contact us with no hesitation for any queries. Make sure that you follow all of our professional tips before choosing a site for betting. Happy gambling!