Best Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the most famous sports around the world. For some people, cricket is more like a religion. As it is called the ‘gentleman’s game’ around the globe, cricket has a massive fan following of its own. The game, as a sport, is itself a business. Each international cricket game has a budget for a significant amount of money. The returns, too, are massive.

However, apart from this, there is also another business related to cricket, i.e., Cricket Betting. The term defines itself. Cricket betting is about placing bets on a particular aspect, e.g., betting on the result of a ball, and over, a batsman, the total score, or even on the outcome of the match. According to some, cricket betting is all about sheer luck, but we assure you, it is a lot more complicated than that.

The most common way of betting, which is used by people from all around the world to place bets, is online betting. Several sites are trustworthy, and can anyone can use them for placing bets. These websites usually have an attractive interface and a captivating design. Developers make the transaction gateways to be safe and secure, which is necessary for establishing a base of loyal customers. There are several bets one should know about before diving into betting. Some of the most popular types of bets are below:

Betting on the Result of A Match

As the title itself suggests, a person places this type of betting on the outcome of a cricket match, be it a T-20, an ODI, or any other limited-overs game. The way these bets work is that people bet on the winning of either of the two teams. The payout for the winner is quite good. However, one must note that if a game stops mid-way or the result is a tie, the votes might be deemed null or void. In these kinds of bets, rooting for underdogs brings you the most amount of money.

Tied Match

When people place wager on the chances of a Test Match ending in a tie, it is known as a ‘Tied Match’ bet. This type of betting is synonymous with a tied match bet. This type of bet is dependent upon external factors such as weather conditions, the slow-playing of one side, etc. However, to make things interesting, there is something called ‘Double Chance.’ It facilitates placing a wager on a team that seems to have the potential to either win the game or tie it up.

Winner of the Series

Some matches between teams happen in series, i.e., three or five games. This bet is placed on the outcome of the series, meaning the bets are placed on the team, winning the most number of matches amongst total quantity. One excellent example of a series match is ‘The Ashes.’ The result of this kind of bet appears very late, but the winning amount is quite significant.

Winner of a Tournament

When people place wager on the chances of a Test Match ending in a tie, it is known as a ‘Tied Match’ bet. This type of betting is synonymous with a tied match bet. This type of bet is dependent upon external factors such as weather conditions, the slow-playing of one side, etc. However, to make things interesting, there is something called ‘Double Chance.’ It facilitates placing a wager on a team that seems to have the potential to either win the game or tie it up.

There are also different types of bets which are related to various components. Some of them are:

Bet on Toss

This bet is all about predicting which one of the two teams will win the toss. In this method, the bookie finds assurance to make a profit because of the odds. There is a 50% chance of winning this bet, and you don’t need any kind of knowledge for winning this bet. It entirely depends on your luck.

Bet on Score

This bet is about predicting whether the final score will be an odd number or an even number. The bet looks quite simple, and it actually is. Newbie bettors chase after these kinds of bets because they do not require extensive knowledge about a game or a tournament. Just like a bet on the toss, there is a 50% chance of winning in this bet.

Bet on the total score of the match

Like the Bet on Score, this bet is related to the score at an innings’ end.  Sportsbooks of an online gambling site usually provide good odds related to it. You do not have to choose a certain number, but a threshold of a number provided by the sportsbook. For example, if the sportsbook provides an odd of 306 runs, you can either choose above 306 or below 306.

Bet on Series Score

Gamblers place bet on the total number of wins secured by the selected team. However, draws don’t include themselves as wins. Good knowledge of cricket and each team is necessary when you are placing a bet on a series score. If you win this bet, you can be sure that you will receive a good amount of money.

Bet on Boundaries

The main aim of this bet is to guess how many boundaries will happen. There are two types of boundary bets – for fours and sixes. Bet on boundaries become more fun in live betting, and you can win just by guessing. But professionals make sure that they know about the batsman, bowler and their previous history before betting.

Bet on Wickets

This bet is placed on a particular batsman to get out. One has to place the bet on either a particular over or a specific ball of the selected over. It takes a lot of cricketing knowledge to place bets like these, especially on the ‘particular ball’ one.

One needs to have a good idea of how the game works to place straight bets. However, the most common mistake made by people is thinking that only knowing the basic rules will help them in placing bets precisely. It is almost impossible to put every bet accurately, but one can march towards better accuracy if he or she follows a few of the betting tips listed below.

Assessing the Conditions Properly

The very first thing one should do before even thinking about placing a bet is the analysis of various conditions. There are not only weather conditions but also various different things that professionals worry about. However, the weather plays the most significant role.

The weather conditions

Getting hold of the weather forecast is important because if the weather is not suitable for the match to continue, then there is no point in placing a bet knowing that the play will dismiss sooner or later. You can check weather reports to come to a conclusion whether or not you are going to bet on something. This should be the very first step you take before placing a bet.

The analysis of the pitch

Getting hold of the pitch report will assist you in making smart choices. Both bowling and batting depend on the type of pitch available. For example, if the pitch is wet, there will not be much bounce, which will be advantageous to the batting side. This information will help the bettor to make an informed choice on which team to place a bet on for winning.

Statistical Information of the players

Knowing the strengths and weak-points of players is very crucial in the betting game. Statistics help you in understanding various factors such as economy, no. of wickets taken, etc. in case of a bowler. A batsman’s strike rate and total runs are essential factors too.Adding to the statistical value is another factor known as Team Morale. If the team has suffered consecutive losses or wins, the behavioural approach of the players will be different in both cases. Therefore, one should place bets smartly and sensibly.

Starters have a bit of an edge

The team which chooses either bowling or batting first has a slight advantage. In simpler words, the group which wins the toss has the power to set the pace of the game, e.g., if the batting line-up is strong, putting up runs on the scoreboard will put slight pressure on the opposing side in the beginning minutes. Similarly, if the bowlers are consistent, they might be able to bowl maidens and create tension for their rivals.

Do not be afraid of losses

If you want to be a bettor for the long run, there is one thing you must understand – Losing a battle does not mean losing a war. It would be best if you faced your loss with strength as it is quite essential. It is important to understand that small losses, if not controlled, can turn into major ones quite quickly. Therefore, set a spending limit to not spiral out of control.Re-strategize and get back in the game with a clearer head. It will help you in placing your bets more sensibly, which in turn will lead to profitable bets.

Make sure that the website you choose is trustworthy and secure

There are several sites present on the internet today which are scamming bettors by deducting money from their accounts without even placing a bet. One must look for safety protocols and measures to make sure that the website is legitimate. Making sure that the site is safe will result in you being comfortable while placing a bet.

Research about different types of bets and choose according to your suitability

There are several different types of bets available online. Make sure that you read about every one of them before selecting a category. It is totally up to you to choose a group which you think is suitable for you to place a bet on for the best result. Therefore, an informed decision of placing bets should be made based on research, not intuition.

So, to become a better bettor, one should keep certain things in their mind at all times. There are many scamming betting websites present on the internet, and therefore they should be avoided at all costs. Online cricket betting is gaining popularity after each passing day. One can place different types of bets on the biggest of cricket matches, series, and even tournaments. Online betting sites have facilitated the process and simplified it to make it even more convenient for bettors from all around the globe.